In this modern world moving IT Equipment is not a big deal as you may expect it and especially when you hire Relocation Company like Run Relocation. Run Relocation consists of professional and experienced experts to pack and move your quality IT Equipment. Run Relocation services are available in INDIA, UAE and Singapore. We provide our services to major Indian cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune and Chennai. We are trusted and specialized in moving big IT Equipments because our packers and movers are well qualified and experienced in this field.

IT Equipments like data centers, single or multiple servers, storage racks, rack mounted equipments, disk arrays, routers and switches are big in size -so as a company you should always prefer Run Relocation as expertise in relocating High Value Equipments, who will make sure that all your equipments are perfectly packed with quality materials so that they don’t get damaged while moving from one place to another. Our tie-ups with other IT Equipment packers and movers in INDIA, UAE and Singapore have also helped us in new technology and innovations.

Information to be known while moving IT Equipments:

A. Get few quotations from relocation companies and compare rates. Always prefer best relocation companies instead of rates.
B. Planning with Relocation Company about the date of moving and list of IT Equipments to be moved from old premises to new place. C. Backup all your valuable data, just in case that something goes wrong while moving or natural calamities.
D. Arrangement for disposal of discarded equipments and files as it is very important to avoid junk items to be taken into new premises because it can be messy as well as clutter to new office.
E. Be ready with new space allocation and installation process of moving IT Equipment to new place.
F. Let everyone know that you are moving IT equipments and staff needs to know about their new premises and individual space allocation in new office.
Methods used by Run Relocation for moving IT Equipments.
A. We plan for Moving IT Equipments and organize best professional team to move your valuable and expensive IT equipments smoothly and stress-free.
B. Preparing all the documents like insurance, customs paper and other documents from new place with the help of client to avoid legal issues while moving heavy equipments.
C. Depend upon your IT Equipments; we use specialized moving equipment like pallet trucks, side open trucks, containerized trucks, forklift, high boom hydraulic cranes etc.
D. Arranging all packing materials best suited for your sensitive, valuable and expensive IT equipments. We have all the packing resources to move your IT equipments safely.
E. Relocating within city, within the state, interstate or internationally, we have the right choice of equipments and strategy to pick up and deliver without any scratch on your IT Equipments.
F. Run Relocation has a dedicated professional team for packing and moving IT Equipments and warehouses for large equipments storage.
G. Prepare the space for IT equipments and then move it. Painting and fixing can be done later once IT equipments are placed safely in new place.
H. Run Relocation always tries not to miss the deadline for shifting equipments. In another sense we always try to deliver your equipments on or before time.
Trust Run Relocation for valuable equipment relocation and Get in touch with us today and ensure that your IT Equipments reach your destination safe and sound.
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